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“Improve Your Health One Bite at a Time.”
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Recipient of the 2009 Arizona's Emerging Dietetic Leader of the Year!

Nutrition and lifestyle choices play a vital role in an individual’s and a family’s health. Our society struggles with balancing quantities of food intake, healthy food choices and physical activity. The mission of Optimal Nutrition, LLC is to attain better health through nutrition using personalized nutrition and lifestyle counseling based on an individual’s or family’s specific needs and/or conditions.

Optimal Nutrition, LLC provides Nutrition Counseling and Nutrition Education for individuals (children, adolescents, adults and seniors) and families.


Areas of expertise include:

Nutrition Education
Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management
Eating Disorders: Children and Adolescents
Adult Weight Management
Counseling on Nutrition and Lifestyle Topics for Individuals and Families
Condition Specific Nutrition Counseling for Children, Families, Adults
Other Dietetic Services


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