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Dash session


Optimal Nutrition can design and facilitate interactive nutrition education programs for children, families, adults and seniors on a variety of nutrition and health related topics.

DASH to Health I
DASH to Health II
Seminar Topics Available for Group Presentations (Menu of Topics)
We Can!
Secrets to Healthy Living and Longevity
Custom Instructional Design

Menu of Topics
1.      Understanding the Nutrition and Health Connection:  A Nutrition Plan for Life
  • Learn the powerful influence food has on our health and how to reduce our risk for disease
  • Understand why FAD diets don’t work and how to tell a FAD diet from true science
  • Individuals will be able to determine what their nutritional needs are and implement a nutrition plan for life
2.      Making Sense of Food Labels
  • Understand how reading labels can help individuals make healthier choices
  • Identify what parts of the label really matter (Calories? Fat? Sugars? Fiber? Protein? Carbs?)
  • How to put the information on labels to use
3.      Does Organic Really Matter?
  • What does “organic” mean and how do you know if something is really organic
  • Is buying organic really worth it?
  • Learn about the “dirty dozen”
4.      Dining Out with Health in Mind
  • How to enjoy eating at restaurants, parties and other celebrations without sacrificing your weight and health
5.      Supplements:  Myths and Facts
  • Supplement labeling and regulation by the FDA
  • Evaluating safety of supplements
  • Determining if you need supplements
  • How to choose supplements
6.      Sometimes It’s Not About the Food: The Role of Stress, Sleep and Emotions in Weight Management
  • Understanding how the body reacts to stress, emotions and lack of sleep
  • How health and weight are impacted by these factors
7.      Healthy Food Shouldn’t Taste Bad – How to Modify Recipes without Compromising Taste
  • Learn simple steps to modify your favorite recipes to make them healthier and still taste good
8.      Portions – Out of Control!
  • Learn about portion distortion and simple techniques to help you manage the amount you eat
9.      Smart Foods:  How to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age
  • Learn what foods will keep your mind sharp as you age and reduce your chances of dementia
10.    Food as Medicine:  Lower Cholesterol and Trigycerides Naturally
  • Learn how to lower your “bad” cholesterol (LDL), raise your healthy cholesterol (HDL) and lower your triglycerides with simple diet and exercise changes.
11.    Am I Really Hungry?:  A Mindful Eating Approach to Weight Management
  • Learn techniques to help you recognize hunger, fullness and how to enjoy your food more when you eat
12.    The Art of Snacking
  • Learn why snacking is an important part of staying healthy and the difference it makes for weight management
  • Get ideas on snacks that are satisfying and still healthy

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We Can!

A national program providing techniques and resources for parents interested in healthy weight management for their families. Activities focus on three critical behaviors:
  • Improved food choices
  • Increased physical activity
  • Reduced screen time

Secrets to Healthy Living and Longevity
Use your home as the setting for a small group of friends and/or family to gather for an "in-home party" focusing on a nutrition and health topic of your choice and interactive cooking. Once our brief educational session is finished, the session continues in the kitchen for interactive preparation of delectable recipes that highlight the concepts of healthy living and the enjoyment  food. Combine a relaxed, comfortable party atmosphere in your own home by surrounding yourself with people who enjoy life, are meaningful to you and who want to live longer. Costs are based on size of group and menu choices selected. 

Custom Instructional Design

Custom classes can be designed for both business and community settings focusing on topics of interest for the particular audience.


For more information on this topic, please contact us at

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  Photo © Paul Kuhn
  Photo © Paul Kuhn
  Photo © Paul Kuhn