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Debbie & Child  

Customized nutrition plans for families struggling with their children’s weight issues.

Initial Nutrition Consult

Follow Up Consults

Information on Adult Weight Management

Initial Nutrition Consult
  • Diet, health and physical activity analysis based on patient information and medical history.
  • Explanation of individualized nutrition and physical activity plan.
  • Ideas for increasing physical activity as a family and reducing sedentary behaviors such as screen time.
  • Education regarding the “Nutrition and Health Connection.”
  • Explanation of Energy Balance – ENERGY IN versus ENERGY OUT.
  • Setting safe and realistic lifestyle goals appropriate for children for making changes in their weight using both nutrition and physical activity.
  • Teaching concepts and techniques that provide life-long skills and behavior modification tools to enhance the health and well being of the family.
Follow up consults would include the following (number of consults required are based on the needs of the family and child)
  • Weight check in and review of previous visit’s goals and nutrition plan progress
  • Label reading techniques that help you make healthier food choices for your family
  • Healthy snacking
  • Portion distortion/serving sizes – Understanding how portion sizes can effect weight control
  • Sugar content demonstration
  • Alternative Food Choices
  • “Am I Really Hungry?” exercise and eating cues
  • Fast and healthy meals at home
  • Volumizing techiniques and food substitutions when cooking and baking
  • Dining out with health in mind
  • Take-home resources that will help you continue your lifelong investment in health and weight management
  • How to handle set backs in weight management
  • Setting goals for the long term



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  Photo © Paul Kuhn
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